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Bodies in Urban Spaces – Datrys
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Bodies in Urban Spaces

Bodies in Urban Spaces
  • audience watches Migrations' Bodies in Urban Spaces performance, Bangor, Wales

    image Bodies in Urban Spaces performance

Client: Migrations

For two days in October, Migrations thrilled audiences with a travelling performance through the streets of Bangor.

Over a thousand people followed free runners, gymnasts, climbers and dancers running through the streets incredibly squeezing, balancing and rearranging their bodies amongst Bangor’s architecture. This was a non-ticketed event and the already large audiences grew bigger as it snaked through the city collecting surprised and curious onlookers in its wake.

With such a diverse audience you might have expected reactions to be mixed but Bodies in Urban Spaces went down a storm. In our survey, 86% said they thought the event was ‘Fantastic!’.

Created by Cie Will Dorner (Austria), Bodies in Urban Spaces had previously toured to Paris, Vienna, Moscow, Philadelphia, Montreau, Seoul. Bangor attracted one of the biggest audiences the performance has ever seen.

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