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One Voice

One Voice

Client: Flintshire County Council

[excerpt from Flintshire CC news release]

A brand new public artwork titled One Voice / Un Llais, which was funded by St Modwen Developments, has been installed by artist Brian Fell at the Daniel Owen Precinct in Mold.

This public artwork was created by Brian Fell who is based in Glossop in Derbyshire and is one of the country’s leading artist metalworkers. He took inspiration from the legend of St Germanus of Auxerre’s visit to Flintshire during 447 A.D. when he led the Britons in their fight against the Picts and Saxons. Being greatly outnumbered St Germanus ordered the Britons to shout ‘Hallelujah Hallelujah’ from the hills, which echoed throughout the valley, and fearing that the army was much larger than expected the Picts and The Saxons dropped their weapons and fled.

The artwork on display is a contemporary interpretation of the Hallelujah Victory legend and represents communities speaking with one voice, working together to ensure the future and heritage of Flintshire.

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